A Portrait of Órgiva

A photo exhibition by Charley Werff, Órgiva 10th – 24th January, 2018.

Written by Charley Werff

About Charley

A year ago, I became a member of ANA (Artist’ Network Alpujarra) group.
Before I came to live in Órgiva some two years ago, I was a freelance photographer for many years in Holland.
But than I changed course: I became a school teacher, teaching philosophy.

Portrait exhibition by Charley Werff

The Exhibition

The ANA group stimulated me to take up photography again. This exhibition came from my interest in our town and particularly the way people are situated in their working space. I frequently visited them in their own environment. They all agreed for their portraits to be exhibited in the Ayuntamiento. This was an enriching experience to me and I hope for them too.

Portrait exhibition by Charley Werff

Thank You

I wish to thank all those who were willing to pose for me, for their trust and time they spent on my project. I also wish to thank José María Lopez Quesada Fotografos for all his work on the prints and his patience with the many corrections that were necessary in order to get the result you can see today. Lydia I thank for her work on the mounts, Alix for her translation into Spanish. Last but not least the Ayuntamiento de Órgiva should be thanked for the providing me with the space for the exhibition.

orgiva old town hall

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