About Artists’ Network Alpujarra

ANA (Artists’ Network Alpujarra) is a vibrant community of visual artists who come together weekly, in the region of La Alpujarra, Andalucia, Spain, to promote art and make big ideas happen!

Where we meet

The online facebook group is a great resource but is by no means a substitute for gathering weekly – Tuesdays, at a bar in Órgiva, Granada, 20.00hrs – onwards. ANA was born out of the desire to get artists to meet up regularly, usually in a bar, to have informal discussions, laughs and technical talks, along with the sharing of ideas, information and artwork.

Who we are

ANA is a members only group for visual artists. We are artists run, artist lead, we have no hierarchy and make it up as we go along – our first expo was the end of 2016, so we are still quite relatively young. If we have good ideas we do them, if we have bad ideas – they fizzle out. We have a small committee to make decisions to keep our weekly meetings peaceful and we have a statute. We are a mixed bunch of talent, experience, skill, knowledge, magic, ideas, hard work and practical solutions.


Members have been putting on about 3 large group shows a year, though members also splinter off to make smaller shows together as well. Usually you get to show what you want, 2 large pieces depending on the other submissions – obviously there is always more space for sculpture. Our exhibitions have been doing well with sales and we take no commission.


We are non-profit – though we are still an informal group, we hope to become an association soon. We pay a token yearly subscription – This money is put towards marketing costs such as, website updates, hosting and domain name, printing posters for expos and we did have a BBQ in the summer. this year we are thinking of buying a portable print-making press for communal use. We are also in the process of buying tools for putting up shows and we spend the money on whatever else the committee deems a benefit for the group as a whole. Our subscription is about commitment to the group firstly and we are always open to suggestions!

The committee

Emma Plunkett took over the Chair from John Wragg at the end of 2017. We have seven members on the committee. Emma organises most of the marketing – newsletter, website posts, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Though she is always looking for help with the digital tasks – she will train people up to write blogs for example. She has been making podcasts of the artists talking about their artwork and wants to make more time to do different types of marketing. She also helps to oversee the smooth organising of exhibitions and helps with the general quality control of our brand and look.

Gareth Lister is the treasurer.

Michael Alexander

Jo Chipchase

Hilly Barmby

Wes Somerville

Fred Shively

New members application procedure

If you are interested in joining us and coming along to our group meetings, please observe the selection process. You need to first send us a link to your portfolio or email us examples of your art, and a biography to give us a better understanding of who you are (if you are not known to anyone in the group already). The committee accepts applications based on the quality of your current artwork or past, personality and what other skills you can bring to the group. We are mainly visual artists – we also welcome supportive roles like arts administrators and art marketeers! We look forward to hearing from you – contact us!

Follow us

This website offers a glimpse into the activities and portfolios of the ANA members. You can stay informed about upcoming and past events when you subscribe to the newsletter.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/artistsnetworkalpujarra/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/artistsnetworkalpujarra/

Feel free to get in contact if you wish to buy from or commission one of our artists or if you’d like to offer us an interesting exhibiting opportunity.


This is an ANA collaboration with Acompalia Artistica, a group art exhibition at the Sugar Factory in Motril. #LaAzucarera2017

This is our first big group exhibition together in 2016