ANA New Year Review

Here at ANA we’ve been spending some quiet time looking back on a successful first year of development – but, like the old two-headed Roman god, Janus – we’re also looking forward to some exciting plans for the year ahead.

Looking back at 2016

This will be remembered as the year ANA was created; and of the Inaugural Exhibition at Las Torcas, which was a huge success in so many ways; not only bringing together seventeen artists from around the Alpujarran region to showcase their work, but also engaging a wide range of the local and regional community in sharing a celebration of artistic and cultural activity.

Realising that an unexpectedly exceptional spark had been ignited, a continuing core group of artist members has continued to meet regularly throughout the autumn to discuss and make key decisions on how to shape and organise the increasingly growing membership, and its activities.

Moving forward into 2017

The result has been the setting up of a core committee, a formalising of aims and objectives and the arrangements for membership. Details will be made available in due course.

A range of activities are also planned for the coming months:

  • A weekend-away trip to visit the spectacular installation expo of James Torrell and others over near Cadiz.
  • A major ANA exhibition at the Jardin Nazari, Velez de Benaudalla over Easter.
  • A group print exhibition in Órgiva during February.
  • Negotiations for other available exhibition and workshop/studio spaces in Órgiva.
  • Continuing to develop the relationship with Las Torcas.
  • Developing ANA’s website and online presence.
  • Continuing to look for and respond to a variety of opportunities to engage with the local communities in artistic activities.

And if you would like a copy of the booklet “Everything We Love” – Reflections on the Inaugural Exhibition – with poetry accompanying images of some of the exhibited pieces, these are available at a small cost to cover printing fees – Please contact us.

So, it’s – 2017, here we come! – Please DO come with us!

Written by Jane Skellet


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