Art Critique Podcasts

You can download these audio recordings and play them back as a podcast, though I do recommend looking at the pictures of the art which is being discussed. You can click on each image to enlarge it. These recordings were made during one Tuesday evening of the Artists’ Network Alpujarra spring show, where members have been conducting relaxed art critiques of selected pieces, along with gallery visitors. These podcasts are introduced and recorded by me, Emma Plunkett. Artists present include Lisa Prudon, Sylvia Kruidenier and guest artist Mark Watson. Have a listen to hear some highly personal stories and insights about the work.

Azzi Shanahan Mandalas Canvases

Azzi makes up these intricately painted mandalas as he goes along.

Azzi Shanahan Satellite Dish Mandala

The latest of Azzi’s mandala creations.

The Last Sleep of Morpheus by Emma Plunkett

A deep experience painted entirely from memory.

Secret Heart by Emma Plunkett

There’s no denying the heart in this abstract oil on canvas but why they ask?

Gareth Lister Paintings

Trying to understand anything about these paintings seems impossible.

Beach paintings by Jane Kleinschmit

Discussing the thick oil paint on these two beauties.

Landscape by Jane Kleinschmit

Loosely painted trees excite the artists.

Painting by John Wragg

What the hell is going on, they ask?

Manipulated Photography by Klaus Schumacher

The story behind one of the works and trying to discover what links them together.

Tree Drawings by Lisa Prudon

A heart felt story of why these tree drawings came into being.

Charcoals by Sylvia Kruidenier

Sylvia speaks of her techniques and inspiration.

T-Pot Sculptures by Sylvia Kruidenier

Sylvia puts an image of her art through an internet image search to find a similar piece, which she then sculpts and puts the resulting piece through another image search, sculpts the result and repeats this process indefinitely. She adds them each to a t-pot lid.

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