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Well, we are all in lockdown but as arty people, we know we are the lucky few, as we are making the most of being inside doing ‘our thing’. Or knowing us, many, many things. Read about our member’s thoughts and feelings about what their art space means to them, what it has opened up for them, etc. You can see where our artists do their work – it might be a mighty lady-shed or man-cave, or simply the living room floor or kitchen table.

Gareth Lister art studio

Gareth says: I’ve been painting in the evenings. I don’t have a studio, but I sit by the fire and fiddle about with things.

Colleen O'Leary art studio

Colleen says: My “studio” is wherever I set out my watercolour paint and brushes. This is a work top in the kitchen.
Steve Marshall art studio
Steve says: Just finished building it 😀
Emma Plunkett's art studio
Emma says: giving myself a dedicated room to make art in, (plus an art storage space, a photographic studio and a little ceramic workshop), is the best thing I have ever done for myself. It feels so good and so right for me to have so much space to spread out in and to not worry about making a mess.
Yinka art studio
Yinka says: The wall covering is definitely not my choice … it’s part of the arrangement for being allowed to use the space. I am very grateful and I love it. I spend all day (!) every day in there. Behind the camera are 2 big windows and there is a fair sized sky light so it is full of natural light. Yeh …I love it !
Azzi Shanahan wheel barrow art studio
Azzi says: My wheelbarrow is my table, so I can put it where I want.
Here are some more art studios from our members.

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