Art Talk

Find out about the stories behind the art as Emma Plunkett leans into the artists to find out more about their art – their thought processes, materials and what was going on in their lives and minds when they made the work. Emma will ask about their initial intentions and how that compares to how they feel about the final outcomes? You will be able to pick up tips and hints about making your own art and ask questions directly to the artists. Also, just listening to artists appreciate the art, gives even more insight into the work.

Come along and join us at the art talk, at the Tierra Frágil group art exhibition at the Old Town Hall in Órgiva, Spain, from 8pm on Tuesday 20th August. Everyone is welcome and no prior art training is needed.

Some of the artists that will be present

Emma Plunkett
Charley Werff
Marilyn Fox
Sylvia Kruidenier
Fiona Primarolo
Michael Alexander
Carolyn Aigner
Louisa Swan
Alice Mason
Barbara Jinks
Nikki Gibbs

Art blogs

Two of the artists have already revealed all in blogs about these pieces. (Click a picture to read the blog.)

Check the main blog for a map and directions

See photos of the artwork from the opening night.


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