Artists Talk- The Process and The Fury

Emma Plunkett will be leading an artists talk to discover the real stories behind the art on display. The struggles and the reality that go into bringing some of these pieces into being. ANA members will be present in the gallery space at the old town hall in Orgiva from 6–8pm on Tuesday 10th December. They will reveal the truth of their process. You will be able to ask questions directly and find out hidden gems about their work.

Why bother making art?

It’s easier not to make art all, not to even attempt it – do something nice with your life instead. Artists struggle on for a good reason – sometimes it’s just to see, sometimes to challenge themselves and sometimes because the urge drives them to at least try to bring their vision into reality. Overcoming personal issues and bad days are par for the course.

Why so many people rise to the challenge!

Emma delves beneath the surface to bring out the hidden truths of the everyday struggles that artists face – finding art supplies, finding time, finding mistakes that work and overcoming disappointments. She hopes this will inspire you and make you aware that making art is not just about pretty pictures, it’s about putting your soul on the line and reaping the rewards.

ANA exhibition – Esperanza

So come and listen to some real examples of, “the life of an artist!” Visit the exhibition and discover more.

The old town hall of Órgiva

Opening times

The show continues until the 21st December.

Sunday and Monday closed.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 5 – 8.30pm
Thursday and Saturday: 11 – 2pm


You can find this exhibition upstairs at Old Town Hall in Órgiva.

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