Alan Wilkinson

Alan-Wilkinson artists drummerAlan attended the National College of Art Dublin on a scholarship in the late 1950s and studied under eminent artists of the day such as Sean Keating, George Collie and Maurice McGonigal. He then went on to read History of Art at Trinity College. While at the college he started the first New Orleans Jazz Band with all participants being members.

In 1961 he travelled to London where he taught for a short time before moving into the commercial sector in the City of London ultimately as Head of Marketing with a number of international property firms, winning two coveted design awards. His forty years in the property market included providing marketing solutions to the majority of major office, retail and commercial developments in the UK and Europe.

As well as working during the week, he spent most of the weekends playing semi pro with various bands. The 60s were an interesting few years playing pubs and clubs in the East End of London, whilst avoiding the Krays and the Richardsons!

He started painting again when he retired to Spain going back to expressing his passion for portrait and landscape painting in oils, watercolour and pastel. The style is probably post impressionist and he strives for continued improvement.