Armelle Boussidan

Armelle Boussidan ArtistArmelle is a self-taught painter from France. Her work is intimate and spontaneous, emerging from a personal healing journey in sharing perceptual experiences, visions, emotions and energies that language fails to grasp. Acrylics, pigments, inks, sands and other natural elements are the tools of her alchemy of colour, texture and gesture.

Armelle started painting in 2006. She first showed her work in Lyon in 2011 and has been exhibiting since. She also co-founded the M33 arts studio in her home city, Strasbourg . People like to say she has several lives, since she has lived in quite a number of different places in Europe. She is also a semanticist with Ph.D in Cognitive Science and Linguistics. If you ask her :”Why does art matter ?” She’ll tell you that art is vital. Try and live in a world without art for a day!