Carolyn Aigner

Carolyn Aigner arty photographerCarolyn is an Austrian photographer who loves to travel. Her intention is capturing special emotional moments and extraordinary moods and bringing them back to life in her photographs. “My shots are all about everyday life. Nothing is planned or staged, everything happens at a given moment and tells a story.” she says.

Born in Vienna, she started to travel the world as an 18 year-old which led her to all continents. Besides her main Job as a TV presenter, she photographed and wrote travel reportages for various magazines.

After her first exhibition in 2008, which had the title “BC, Black/Coloured”, she began to get more involved with artistic photography. Her subsequent exhibitions became more and more thematic on topics such as “reflections”, “rooms” or “looks” of people.

Her latest work was titled “Numbers” and was exhibited in Vienna and New York. “Numbers” consists of 42 small pictures of various numbers that she has collected over the years and which were made into a large whole.

Carolyn Aigner Art Photography

Since 2016, she lives in Spain on her little finca and breeds organic herbs. 
In the future, she would like to further develop her photographic work by combining it with a wide variety of surfaces and materials.