ClaraBaza – Artisan and Painter

Clarabaza artistRIP 1956–2017. Originally from Scotland, ClaraBaza moved to Spain in 1990, which is when and where she found her creative place in the world. She had always squirrelled away things that could be transformed into something pleasing and as a result has made everything from jewellery, collages, mobiles, to transforming furniture.

Then one day she discovered gourds or calabazas. This is what got her hooked into the idea that she could make a living from being creative. Clara worked within a cooperative in Frigiliana, making everything from boxes and lamps to exotic birds, all using the body of a gourd for the main shape of the object. She subsequently moved to Orgiva, where she continued her speciality of working with gourds.

During 2012 Clara moved into a house in the campo and as a result of not being able to set up her gourd elaboration studio, she bought some paints and a couple of canvases and as a result she has not stopped painting since.