Deo Rajinder

Deo Rajinder ArtistDeo likes to paint and draw intuitively, feeling the place and the energies around him, letting nature and life guide him and usually expressing himself through circles.

Since 1993, when he was at college in Liverpool, and he first started noticing circles were everywhere in the streets and in nature, Deo has created hundreds of circles. He likes to say that some of them are square, but they are all circles, of course, whether spirals, squares, crystal shapes, etc.


Some of the underlining themes of his work are freedom, connecting to nature and life, as well as expanding one’s horizons; basically a reflection of his life journey at each stage.

His first commission was for the therapy rooms of a community centre in London, as his circles started being recognised as therapeutic as well as fine art.

Since then, he has exhibited his work in group and solo exhibitions in London, India and Spain. He has also worked as an assistant art coordinator in a community art centre in London, and given art workshops to children in India, alongside working as a graphic and website designer.

The Indian Travelogue collection was created while travelling around India in 1998-99. Each circle holds a story and represents his inner and outer experiences in different places and at different times of the journey.

Deo created a series of circles called Five Elements, which appeared while doing silent retreats, after having practiced yoga intensively as well as Indian music for some years.

Deo feels his 2014 – 2016 Ladakh collections are particularly strong, inspired by his deep experiences in the landscapes of the Himalaya, with the people of Little Tibet and their contagious love and compassion for all sentient beings.


Deo studied graphic design in the UK graduating in 1995 and later obtained a Master’s Degree in Digital Art at University of the Arts London in 2008. For his MA, he combined his love of circles with playing the Indian tabla drums. He developed tabla VJing software, which allows the beats of the tabla drums to trigger images of his artwork (or any other images).


Deo has recently relocated to Andalucía, Spain and has joined the Artists’ Network Alpujarra. He is feeling inspired by the Alpujarra Mountains and is excited to see what happens next on this journey of circles.