Emma Plunkett

Emma Plunkett ArtistEmma is, first of all, a contemporary fine artist, videographer and designer. In addition to this, Emma Plunkett’s art has branched out over the years to include clay sculptures, cyanotype prints, watercolours, oil paintings, poetry, photographic montages, video art, illustrations and vector designs. Emma is technically minded and a passionate creative.

Art education

She was born and brought up in Northolt, West London and has been dedicated to making art since she was old enough to hold a paint brush. Emma studied art for 6 years, straight from school. She gained a diploma in general art and design from Amersham college F.E. and Ba (Hons) in Fine art from NELP (North East London Polytechnic).

Film work

Since her college days, Emma worked for years, throughout London and Europe, as a VJ (video projection artist). This was all during the early days of video becoming available on the domestic market. She had way too much fun playing her videos at festivals, events and theatres, going under the VJ name of Miss Plunkett. She taught video at Four Corners and at the London Film Makers Co-op (The Lux), she worked as a video technician. More recently she has taken her film making skills into more formal arenas. The most noteworthy of which being Acompalia, Siemens FS, VSO, Morley College and The Miscarriage Association.

Current artwork

Emma Plunkett’s art is uplifting and expresses something beyond words.

“Her characteristic witty surrealist style celebrates the female form, very often in movement – dance or performance.” SaloArte.

You can see Emma’s art in the flesh, as she exhibits regularly. You can also visit her online art gallery at www.missplunkett.tv where you can purchase art licences, discuss a commissioned piece, view her portfolio and enhance your life by buying her original art! Sign up for her free weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date with what is happening in her artists world.