Fiona Primarolo

Fiona Primarolo ceramic artistFiona Primarolo B.A.(hons), Dip.ATh
Fiona studied fine art ceramics at South Glamorgan Institute of Art and Design in Cardiff. Her degree course included photography, print and model making, life drawing, as well as ceramic sculpture and studio techniques.  Her post graduate diploma in Art Therapy which involved personal studio time as well as group and individual art therapy experience developed an interest in exploring dream and spontaneous imagery through painting.


She returned to working with ceramics in 2016 and has been exploring practical and impractical container shapes in mixed materials, sometimes finished with kintsugi inserts: introducing other materials, such as glass, stone, shell and gold paste. Her coil and slab built pieces often include natural forms such corals, trees, ferns, fungi, birds and fish.

Much of Fiona’s work in ceramics and painting involved and still involves erosion, breaking and remaking.  Abstract forms and textured surfaces are often interspersed with magically arising images of plants and animals.

Photography & painting

Fiona has been taking photos of the Alpujarra and foreign travels over the last decade or so, initially to furnish images for her ‘day job’ as a walk guide and then as reference material for painting composition.  She found that she enjoyed manipulating the images post production and the photography became an end as well as a means.  In 2013, she shared an exhibition with another photographer; here’s a link to a gallery of photographs: Afrika Afrikana Exhibition