Fred Shively

Born several decades ago in Easton, Pennsylvania USA, Fred’s trajectory has taken him through college, the military, the advertising and corporate communications industries and several countries. Working as a creative director with some great talents in tv, film, music and photography has both honed his skills and whetted his appetite particularly for the visual arts.

Since 2002 Fred and his writer partner Arpi Armenakian Shively have lived in Spain, first in the Alpujarras, then Malaga city and now, once again in the Alpujarras. Specifically Orgiva. 

During this time Fred has had several solo exhibitions in Granada and has participated in several exhibitions with the Artists Network Alpujarras.

Fred continues to make images and has several more book projects planned.

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As the title implies this is a photo essay on life and death. In particular the beauty of flora in the last stages of their lives.


A few years back Fred wrote an essay for Escape Into Life online magazine about one of his favourite art/photographic movements – Precisionism. Since then he has been archiving images attempting to meet the Precisionist criteria of precise, sharply defined, geometrical forms. He is getting close to having enough material to move forward to publishing.


If we could capture still scenes from our dreams. If…