Gareth Lister

Gareth Lister ArtistGareth Lister was born in York, England. He now lives and works in Andalucia, Spain. He completed an M.A. in fine art at Chelsea college of art in 2003, where he also previously completed a degree with honours.

He has exhibited in a variety of shows throughout the United Kingdom and his work is in several collections.

His paintings can be sensuous, luminous and often beautiful. If there is a narrative it is contingent, like a stopping point in a dream, often intriguing, but ambiguous.

Some of his paintings are formed slowly, over many years. Layer upon layer, each new layer covering or breaking the previous. This creates a visible history to the work that can appear faded and remote.

He is reluctant to discuss what his work is about, but his imagery is often parts of figures, landscapes, sometimes micro-detail, the natural world. The kind of banality that skirts the everyday, muddled emotions, sadness and quite often humour.

He says of his paintings; “The end can often bear no relation to the beginning and I like that.”