José Vera

Jose Vera ArtistJosé Vera (Pepe) was born and trained in Madrid. In the beginning of his professional career he was dedicated to design and scenography for theatre and museums. He created scenes for more than 20 operas, 40 theatre-pieces and more than 90 exhibitions in different museums. His work has been shown in places like the Liceo, Barcelona, The Theatre of Zarzuela, Madrid, The Theatre of the Opera, Rome, The Opera Palace, Tokyo, La Maestranza, Sevilla, The Roman Museum, Merida, The National Library, The Archeologic Museum, Madrid, Ciudad de Arte y Ciencia, Valencia and much more.

His projects unify architecture, sculpture and painting.

Nowadays he develops projects in sculpture for public spaces, he says, “We have to come back to put more significance into our urban spaces – where we live – to change them again, into places which are not boring and more endearing.” So he creates his sculptures, which pick up the echo of a place, to create emotions there.

See below for examples of José’s portfolio.