Maddy Bryant

Maddy BryantMaddy has enjoyed drawing since she can remember. Born and raised in Bedford, in the south of England. She began a career in graphic design, using pens and a drawing board, with a multinational company Hewlett-Packard. She had a break in her career to raise a family and travelled extensively to the Far East and the islands in the Pacific. On returning to the United Kingdom she resumed her career as a graphic designer, with the Royal Navy, this time using Apple Macs. She thought these were wonderful, since they gave her more freedom in creativity than the previous methods. For her it was almost as good as painting, but on a computer! She designed posters, brochures, menus and display boards for events and marketing, as well as large and permanent images mounted on walls in various buildings around Naval Establishments. The most challenging and rewarding of which was a 4 metre square montage depicting the Falklands War. She designed it with images provided by one of the naval officers, who was actually in the conflict, which made it very emotional.

Maddy is mainly a figurative artist, working with charcoal and pastels and on retiring to Spain, she has fulfilled her dream of painting now with oils. She has a great interest in representing Andalusian culture. She has completed an intensive drawing course with the artist Juan Pedro, and more recently has enjoyed the challenges of learning a new technique in oil with artist John Wragg. She is a member of the Órgiva Pensionistas painting group and has joined ANA to interact with like minded artists.