Marilyn Fox

Marilyn Fox Artist MusicianMarilyn worked for many years as a qualified Holistic Therapist, EFT practitioner and Reiki Master, which took up the majority of her time as working is apt to do. However, art in it’s various forms, has always been a major part of Marilyn’s life and thinking. In fact having used “being an artist” as her main excuse for her untidiness, most of her life, she felt it only right that she actually begin to build a body of work!

Over the years Marilyn has enjoyed exploring different areas of her artistic nature, expressing her inner world as a singer songwriter, burlesque and free-form dancer and even with her choice of clothing in the past. She has experimented using a variety of materials including glass paint, stained glass, bead work, textiles and even face-paint, whilst in the 2D visual arena using pen and pencil, pastels, watercolours and acrylics.

More recently alongside revisiting her passion for music, learning the Double Bass, singing and songwriting, Marilyn is interested in exploring colour. She enjoys acrylics’ ease of use and brightness. Beginning with flowers she soon moved away from form altogether into a more abstract \ impressionistic style, for the time being at least.

If you asked Marilyn what her greatest achievements were, she’d say staying alive, having her son, marrying her husband, passing her driving test and singing in public, but she’d also tell you that remaining capable of openness, gentleness and kindness in a world rife with harshness is one of her all-time greats.

Marilyn Fox is originally from England but moved to Wales at 19 and lived there for 24 years, where she met her husband James and had her son Troy. She now lives in the Alpujarras and is enjoying the beautiful mountains, the Spanish hospitality, the challenges of learning a new language as well as, of course, the sunshine. She is particularly inspired by Orgiva with it’s eclectic mix of people, languages and outlooks. She is pleased to have found some kindred spirits in the ANA group and is finally ready to get stuck in to her art and exhibit her work.

She has had no formal training but sees this as a challenge to be met rather than a hinderance.

“Art is the Universal language that connects us” – Marilyn Fox.