Maxine Friday

Maxine Friday, Artists portraitMaxine is from London, England but of Ghanaian / Russian Jewish roots. She makes two kinds of art. One is portrait and the other is fantasy. She loves all portraiture, from the old masters to the colourful portraits of the expressionists. She loves the human face in all it’s guises and the amazing colours in a face when you look closer. Fantasy is also a compulsion of hers. Maxine has a few recurring themes which are, “life and death” and “the journey in between”. She has always been fascinated with drawing form. She started painting in 2009. At this time she was able to leave her “proper job” as a lawyer and finally respond to what she always felt was her calling: Art.

Her sister once told her, “You stare too much”. But Maxine is painting faces in her mind. Always painting. The ripples on the waves. The gesture of someone standing in the street or chatting in a restaurant. Always looking always drawing in her mind. Now, at least, there is a record of what she is doing.

The Beauty of Being

“Art matters. Like looking at yet another sunset – a full moon – the stars. Why? We have seen it all before. But it is always different. It is the beauty of being. The mystery of existence. There are many kinds of art but for me art touches me in a way that a beautiful melody does. It takes me away. It captures my heart. I can’t say why one song will be in my heart for ever and another just repels me. Well this is the same as art for me. For me good art touches me inexplicably and profoundly.” Maxine Friday