Meg Robinson

Meg Robinson artistFor Meg, creativity is a path of devotion, a way of life.
People say her art touches the soul of her subjects.

Post chemo she’s loving reinventing herself as an artist and as a person.

Meg is fascinated by art which touches the mysterious, making what is unseen in any subject, visible and felt.

She seldom exhibits these days, preferring to show videos of her work and then show the originals in her studio.

Meg donates 100% of the sales of all her paintings to support 5 projects for children living in extreme poverty in Peru and Bolivia.

Her drawings can take anything from a few minutes to weeks / months. Often she draws with twigs and plant stalks, using her left hand. Meg loves mark making. Each new drawing becomes an adventure with an unknown destination.

Meg trained at St Martins Art School and Edinburgh College of Art. However, over the last 25 years, she has abandoned her formal training for a process of exploration and experimentation, delighting in finding the unexpected in everything she creates. The underlying theme of her work is; the moment when a life changes forever – receiving and contemplating life changing news.

Many of her drawings are inspired by research into Jewish history during Spain’s Golden Age. The Alhambra Decree in 1491 announced all Jews had to leave Spain within three months, leaving behind all possession. As they boarded boats, most had no idea where they would land.

Meg has been drawing, writing or painting almost every day for the last 50 years!