Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander artistMichael would say that he was born an artist, he has had a long and varied career as a sculptor, a cattleman and shepherd and as a landscape architect.

Michael was born in southern England and he was christened Charles Gilmour Alexander. Michael’s DNA is 99% Scottish which, unlike his name, has not changed. Michael’s DNA came as no surprise to him considering his mother was born in Glasgow and his father’s family were Alexanders from Inverness, all of them migrants like many Scots. Michael continued this tradition by living and working for extended periods in both Australia and the United States of America and now southern Spain with his holistic physical therapist wife, Beata Thana.

If asked the question, why does art matter? He would quote the painter Sean Skully. “Never underestimate the Cultural Power of an Artist.” A statement proven for Michael by the fact that artists seem to be the first ones to be shot by totalitarian regimes.

More details visit: https://www.alexanderstudio.online/