Nikki Bee Spectrum

Costume Artist Nikki BeeNikki is a multi-media and multi-dimensional artist, performer, and musician. She designs and makes costumes for theatre and performance art. She enjoys the 3D nature of installations with music and movement. She combines painting, costume, collage and photography with her own unique brand of music, song, and dance.

She inspires others to collaborate, perform and express their ideas and concepts in abstract authentic form. She has been part of the Lux Collective theatre group and Eatprunes – modern music with harmonies. For many years she’s been creating original shows about inner transformation – how we think, environmental issues, the state of the world, the greed of some corporations and the effects upon the planet, western privileges, the “baggage” we carry and other 21st century issues.

She believes in transforming her emotions and expressing her personal ideas, experiences, and influences through the arts, to effect positive changes in the very troubled world of today, by effecting positive change upon her audiences.

Her ethos involves authenticity, spontaneity, loving and supporting herself, her local community and all humankind, being kind and doing the best she can to contribute towards a better future upon this planet.

Recent projects


Design and making of the costumes, from recycled materials, for the touring circus show, NDP Circus, Notre Dame de Paris aka The Hunchback of Notre Dame. This series of costumes are for the characters, the “Bitches of Paris”.

Photos: Sophie Forster

Assemblage Art

Eatprunes and The Lux Collective

Songs, dance, theatre, and costumes.