Patricia Anne Seymour

Portrait Patricia Seymour ArtistPatricia Anne Seymour was born in Geelong, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She attended the Prahran College of the Arts in Melbourne and graduated with honours, her end of year show was in 1979.

She lived on the sea for 6 years with her husband, exploring Northern Australia and the Kimberly coast. She is influenced by Aboriginal art and has sold her mosaics by commission thru Elephantus in Cairns. Patricia received a grant and exhibited thru Umbrella Studios of Contemporary Arts in Townsville.

While living in la Alpujarra she has been influenced by Andalucian and Moroccan art. Patricia draws, paints and produces mosaics, which deal with light and movement, art and design. She says, “Art matters to put beauty and truth into our lives.”

When asked about the meaning art, Patricia quotes Louise Bourgeois “To change hatred into love.”