Trevor Thompson

photographer Trevor ThompsonPhotographer Trevor was born in London. He undertook four years of teacher training at Oxford during the 70’s, attaining a B.Ed in Fine Art and Design. He studied ceramics, drawing, watercolour and oil painting, settling on oils for his finals. Before he moved to Spain in 2014, he was based in Devon, England and spent 15 years as an editorial designer, picture editor and in-house photographer for several magazines.

Trevor got his first camera (a basic polaroid camera) when he was fourteen and was immediately smitten. He started developing and printing his own work soon after, working exclusively in black and white. He still prints his own work, although nowadays in the digital format.

Trevor has travelled extensively in India and more recently in Southeast Asia. It was in Asia that he developed his documentary style, preferring to photograph people engaged in activity rather than landscape or still life. He says: ‘Photographing people engaged in activities requires keen, rapid observation to capture the right moment.’ His work reveals an empathy with his subjects, especially once a rapport with them has been established.

He sells his editorial-style work through the Alamy stock agency and exhibits albums on the Flickr website, which can be seen here: