Yvonne Hallmans

Yvonne Hallmans photographerYvonne was born in Holland. She studied photography at the Royal School of Art in the Hague and started her life as a documentary and portrait photographer. She travels as much as possible because of her interest in people of different cultures. She has published her work in several magazines and has exhibited in galleries.

In Spain, she found the scenery way too beautiful not to be captured, so for a time she could be found strolling endlessly through the landscape, always with her camera in hand. These photos have been exhibited and made into postcards. Meanwhile her interest in people never fades, so she’s also been busy making several other series of photographs. She has just begun a new project that places people in the landscape.

She says, “Art is a way of communication and a way for the viewer to escape the world.”

Yvonne hopes that with the way she catches the moment, either mystical, absurd, fairytale like or surreal, she can transmit a positive feeling to the viewer.