Audio Recordings About Art – From The ANA Winter Exhibition

Informal artists talks

Learn about what makes each artist tick – hear insights about studio practice, methods and materials. Emma Plunkett led and recorded an informal artists talk about the stories and the intention behind the work they each exhibited in the Hot Winter Show. It was an open discussion that was attended by various different artists throughout the evening.

Participating artists

Emma Plunkett, Gareth Lister, Klaus Schumacher, Maxine Friday, Michael Alexander, Nikki Bee, Sylvia Krudenier, Wes Somerville and Yasmina Sky.

Download and listen to audio recordings about art

Listen on your way to work in the car or when you are doing the gardening. Look at the pictures being discussed first, so you have them in your sights or minds eye, this enables you to follow where we go in these audio recordings about art.

Interviewing style

Emma had not previously seen the artwork on exhibition and was delighted to get her questions answered so honestly and directly. With her fresh eye, she prompts the artists with her unrehearsed questions, to get a deeper understanding of what led these pieces to come into being! Emma is friends with all the artists participating . These audio recordings about art, are informal chats about individual pieces of art, where the artists are coming from and how they feel about their finished piece.

The recordings in alphabetical order

Emma Plunkett – My Own Brand of Femininity

Sylvia Krudenier asks Emma a precise question about the feminine in her art. Emma’s answer divulges more than she realised she even knew herself!

For a more in-depth view of Emma’s art being discussed please visit her website.

Gareth Lister – Painting With Mud

After listening to Gareth’s story about why he paints with mud, the saying I was trying to remember is, “Necessity is the mother of invention!”

Klaus Schumacher – Egg Tempera

Klaus explains his analytical approach to exploring egg tempera and how the content is secondary.

Maxine Friday – Watercolours

Maxine’s abundance of watercolours stretch across the room of the gallery, like 2 colourful washing lines. In this talk, she expresses her freedom and openness of her approach to her chosen materials.

Michael Alexander – Zebra Play

Michael talks about these untameable beasts as a running theme through his life’s work. He also gives us his frank account of how he approaches his whole process.

Nikki Bee – Assemblage

Nikki Bee opens up about her studio practice, her creative process and the importance that collaboration plays in her art. She talks about her truck stage and the embedding of the photos amongst the found objects from her garden.

Sylvia Krudenier – Going South

Sylvia reveals her influences and the story behind 3 of her charcoal drawings from a journey driving south from Holland to Spain, with amazing skies!

Wes Somerville – Architectural Sculptures With Light

Wes talks about how he works, life in his studio and we find out why he divides his time between family and art.

Yasmina Sky – Last Remnants From Planet Earth

This is a poignant installation by Yasmina Sky, which quietly states it’s message. The full title of her work is of great importance as it gives the concept for the piece – The Museum of Venus – The Last Remnants From Planet Earth.


Everyone participating opens up to the deeper concepts behind the art being discussed and enjoy the stories being told. Hearing the artists speak and the public voicing their understanding, definitely enhances the enjoyment of the artwork.

Thank you for listening!

Photos by Fred Shively and Emma Plunkett

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