art studios in La Alpujarra

Art Studio Tour

Well, we are all in lockdown but as arty people, we know we are the lucky few, as we are making the most of being inside doing ‘our thing’. Or knowing us, many, many things. Read about our member’s thoughts and feelings about what their art space means to them, what it has opened up … Read more


Art Talk

Find out about the stories behind the art as Emma Plunkett leans into the artists to find out more about their art – their thought processes, materials and what was going on in their lives and minds when they made the work. Emma will ask about their initial intentions and how that compares to how … Read more

Pop-Up Polopos – Review

See some photos and read what the artists have to say about their experiences of the first annual Polopos art walk. It was a one-day event and was recorded for Dutch Reality TV. Emma Plunkett – Viejo Posada Wow, that was a busy art event. Busloads of people were doing the art walk and our … Read more

Art Expo Guide

A Guide For Organising Art Exhibitions

This is a rough guide to help you know what is expected when organising art exhibitions. Remember that constant clear communication between the team is important, so everyone is on the same page at all times. Jobs for the team co-ordinator graphic design (poster) poster distribution writing the press release writing the inauguration invitation compiling … Read more

painting & sculpture at Molvizar-Museo-poster

Dialogues – an exhibition of painting & sculpture

You are invited to the opening night of this 8 person art exhibition of painting & sculpture in the newly restored museum of Molvízar. 6 out of the 8 exhibiting artists are ANA members (Artists’ Network Alpujarra) – Jane Kleinschmit (organiser), Gareth Lister (curator), José Vera, Ánxela Meilán, Wes Somerville, Emma Plunkett, plus Mix Amylo, … Read more