Trees in the landscape

New paintings – Gareth Lister New paintings by Gareth Lister reflect a sense of time, a sense of place, taking as inspiration the landscape of his home and garden and the trees that inhabit the place. Very much a landscape made by man the streams or acequias, terraces and fields interspersed with outcrops of willow, … Read more

La Alpujarra – A journey

Artists network alpujarra presents a new exhibition Let the artists of the Artists’ Network Alpujarras (ANA) take you on a voyage of discovery through one of the most intriguing areas of the Iberian peninsula: the Alpujarras.  At the end of the 18th century, there emerged a fashion in Europe for travelling to exotic and remote … Read more

Closing weekend – the sculpted mountain

Lanjaron-landscape and its people 1991-2021. Fernando Poyatos /Alberto Cuéllar Next Sunday, August 29, the exhibition “The Sculptured Mountain” will be closed at La Fábrica. We will have the pleasure of enjoying the guitar of Alberto Cuéllar who will play some acoustic songs under the dome to close the event. Everything from 6:30 p.m.

Jane Kleinschmit, Paradise Lost?

Painting in times of covid Opening view this Friday 30th 12-6pm, sat, Sun 12-4, La Fabrica Lanjaron, one month only! This exhibition which the artist Jane Kleinschmit shows here represents a body of work that was for the most part made during the ongoing covid pandemic.  Grouped here for the first time, this exhibition was … Read more

Live concerts at La Fabrica

Fernando Gallegos and Lindsay Ostervig planning music for the year ahead. April brings the start of our live concerts at La Fábrica and we are very excited to be heading up this program. We are planning something for all tastes and hope that as the weeks go on you will enjoy a variety of original, … Read more

We are back!

Yes it has been a tough year. Yet, in spite of the restrictions, we have tried to keep in touch as a group with online meetings, so the conversation never stopped.   We also had a change of leadership.  Emma Plunkett, with whom we achieved many notable exhibitions, moved to Barcelona and a new president, Gareth … Read more

Do paintings suffer from disease?

Biodeterioration of paintings on canvas? Fernando Poyatos.  Do not worry. I’m not going to write about a pandemic… There is enough to read already. The subject I am writing about is a very specific field within pictorial art. Biodeterioration of works and more precisely the degrading action of microorganisms on canvas paintings.  For conservation science … Read more