Do paintings suffer from disease?

Biodeterioration of paintings on canvas? Fernando Poyatos.  Do not worry. I’m not going to write about a pandemic… There is enough to read already. The subject I am writing about is a very specific field within pictorial art. Biodeterioration of works and more precisely the degrading action of microorganisms on canvas paintings.  For conservation science … Read more

Lockdown Art Challenge

‘Lockdown’. That time separated from friends and loved ones, staying at home, wondering what this dreadful unseen thing would bring to us, globally and personally. It affected us all, but how we all reacted to it differed. Some prised out and dusted off old cookbooks, donned pinnies and ‘voila!’, became Domestic Goddesses. Others cleaned their … Read more

Artists’ Network Alpujarra group photo

Tierra Frágil – Exhibition Opening Night Photos

We’ve done it again! Our ‘Tierra Frágil’ Opening Night exhibition was a great success. Visitors flocked in to view the art, even though the temperature outside was hotter than an oven, it all seemed quite apt. The atmosphere Photographs by Jáňa Bartošová Exciting and stimulating, but with that underlying message of how fragile our tiny … Read more