Jose Vera sculptures orgiva

Art in the streets of Órgiva: José Vera’s evocative statues of Federico García Lorca and Manuel de Falla

Art in the streets of Órgiva by Marilyin Fox As I stood in the crowd on the cobbled street and strained to hear (and understand) the speeches, I felt very proud to be a part of ANA, of Órgiva itself and impressed by José Vera’s new sculpture. José Vera This beautiful statue celebrating two famous … Read more

Duchamp – A Bride stripped bare by her Bachelors, even

John Wragg – Neo Chocolate Hypergrinder

Especially The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Batchelors, Even, often referred to as The Large Glass. Copious notes were written by Duchamp about this work, contained in The Green Box. These notes reveal Duchamps’ fascination & interest in the fourth dimension, along with numerous other artists at the time. However, as the notes reveal, Duchamps understanding & knowledge far exceed that of his contemporaries.

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