Solo. An exhibition of selected works by artist Gareth Lister

In the middle of the small Spanish town of Órgiva, at the back of small ceramics studio, deep underground is a collection of small canvases hung on a whitewashed wall, a gathering of spectres. Miniature fragments of a colourful memory; time drawn out across linen squares. Flickers of moments, restored. Gareth Lister’s latest exhibition is, … Read more

painting & sculpture at Molvizar-Museo-poster

Dialogues – an exhibition of painting & sculpture

You are invited to the opening night of this 8 person art exhibition of painting & sculpture in the newly restored museum of Molvízar. 6 out of the 8 exhibiting artists are ANA members (Artists’ Network Alpujarra) – Jane Kleinschmit (organiser), Gareth Lister (curator), José Vera, Ánxela Meilán, Wes Somerville, Emma Plunkett, plus Mix Amylo, … Read more