Children’s Workshop at Las Torcas

Read the words of Jane Skellett and see photographs by Lisa Prudon that beautifully illustrate this artists in the community event.

All The Pieces Glow Together

“No. No. Don’t take me home!”
One little voice rang through the dynamic space of Las Torcas, last Saturday.
He spoke for us all. Who would ever want to leave such an exciting place?

We had all spent an absorbing morning with a representative team of ANA artists, creating stained-glass-window-effect panels from little more than scraps of coloured papers and black pens.
The grown-ups showed the children, and then the children inspired the grown-ups in an engaging three hours of collective community art activity, co-ordinated by Pernille Christensen from ANA.

At the end of the morning, children of all ages watched in hushed awe and wonder as the panels were taken up on the high ladders and secured in place on the high glass doorway.
The sunlight flooded through the colours, and all our work burst into life, like new buds blossoming in the spring. So –

“No. No. Don’t take me home!”

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