Close Encounters of the Art Kind!

Is it a workhouse – a pump station – a mill house – engine shed – or executive mansion?

When the metal security bar was lifted, and the giant wood and metal doors opened – they approached as in a dream – drawn by the vibrant white light setting and silhouetting the strange outlines within. 
It was one of those “Close Encounters…” moments when a crowd of we mortals – transported to a higher sensory plane – shift our rhythm, slow our step, and gape – with our heads tilted and eyes raised to take in the enormity of this ‘cathedral’ of awe and wonder. 
Before us – in the mid-centre ground – there even lies a seeming ‘stairway to heaven’.

Film shot by Jan Pozivil and edited by Emma Plunkett

Crowds of art lovers

There were several hundred visitors on Saturday November 25th to the old sugar factory ‘del Pilar’ in Motril, for the inauguration night of the “Azucarera” exhibition of art, produced by Acompalia Artistica for the Acompalia charity. The energy was carried along by the live acid jazz of Toni Connolly & Luis Gomez – the aerial show and live life-drawing action, the art-show hostesses – and much more.
 The stunningly designed bar/restaurant was also a magnet attraction for the crowds, as they wandered back and forth between these ingeniously regenerated industrial buildings. (Organised by the town hall, with architect Alberto Martinez.)

Photography by Jo Chipchase

ANA joins in with Acompalia Artistica

ANA members have joined together with other artists to create a ‘tour de force’ show of artistic talent from across the region.
Fifty local and international artists are showing many styles of art work, using a wide range of media.

Photography by Trevor Thompson

A donation from the artists

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Emma Plunkett (organiser) stepped up to present Francesca Rajewski (president of Acompalia) with a large cheque for the money raised so far for the charity, which provides resources for palliative care across the region.

Jo Chipchase photography
Jo Chipchase photography


They are on a particular mission – to open a hospice/care centre at Playa Granada in Motril, to improve the much needed facilities and to continue developing their widely used care and support for those in need.
 By visiting the exhibition, purchasing brochures, purchasing some of the artwork, or giving a general donation, you can help ANA and associates with Acompalia Artistica to help this charity on its way to achieving its goal.

Opening times: Wednesday to Saturday, 7–10pm

Directions: up the hill from the main round-a-bout from Alcampo. Entrance is from Calle Roma.

A magical evening is guaranteed – to warm your winter souls – with fine wines & dining available – it will make an unforgettable night out in Motril – plus live music on every Saturday. Don’t miss your very own ‘close encounter’.

Music evenings

2nd Dec FG Fernando Gallegos – Rock/pop fusion latino
9th Dec The Chamber Players – Classical music with aerial drawing club
16th Dec Wazifa – Reggea funk band

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