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About Us

We are a group of local and international artists who have settled in La Alpujarra, mainly around the town of Órgiva. Here in Órgiva there are 61 languages registered at the local primary schools; and it is a vibrant place attracting many creative people. The group has been established since 2016; and we now have a membership of around thirty visual artists, who meet up weekly, and are regularly organising and participating in a variety of exhibitions.

We also publish regular newsletters and blogposts on our website, to communicate with our growing band of supporters and art lovers.



We are ready to exhibit paintings, photography, sculptures and light installations. So, we would like to invite you to consider our artists and their work for inclusion in future exhibitions; either as a group, or individually.

If you are aware of any projects that might suit our group; or of any proposals you might like to discuss with us, please contact us here.


Examples of our artwork can be seen in these photos and videos, which were taken at our last group exhibition. You can also find out more about each artist on this website.

Some of the best work appears at the end of these videos, which were filmed at The Sugar Factory exhibition. If you want to take your time to study a piece, you can pause the video and look at close-ups.

Ariane Sigmund

Oil paintings titled, Stille Calme and a portrait of Ariane with her painting Let it Go.

Azzi Shanahan

Acrylic painting on a satellite dish, titled, Inner Space

Carolyn Aigner

Un-edited photography.

Emma Plunkett

Wall hanging stoneware sculptures, titled, Daughter of a Priest and acrylic painting with collage titled, Kitchen Idyll.

Gareth Lister

A cluster of small watercolours titled, As Much As I Can Love You and a larger painting called, After Others.

Jane Kleinschmit

Fiesta De Verano 1 and 2, oil paintings.

John Wragg

Oil paintings titled, Mirage and Costa Plasticultura

Klaus Schumacher

Altered photography printed on canvas. Das Alchemistenzimmer and Im Realifatslabor

Lisa Prudon

Acrylic paintings, ¿Quién Eres? and ¿Donde Voy?

Marilyn Fox

Acrylic paintings on canvas, In The Pink and Hopes, Memories & Imaginings

Maxine Friday

The Higher Call and The Dancers, both oil on canvas.

Meg Robinson

Tints and acrylic on paper, titled Coexistence and The Messenger.

Mix Amylo

Two intricately painted acrylics, titled, Some Of This Is Real and Out Of The Hole.

Patricia Seymour

Mosaic artist. Universal Eye and Eye of Africa.

Sebastian Lowsley-Williams

Sebastian presents Gracing Danger Aerial Drawing Club as a live installation in the gallery and an oil painting titled, Playa De Enmedio.


Photography, White Horizon and Smoke Without Fire.

Trevor Thompson

Photography: Trevor captures unique moments and prints with precision on archive paper.

Wes Somerville

Suspended metal boat with LED’s called Restoration, Perspex light sculpture called Ethereal Perspective and the recycled bicycle couple, titled Off The Rails.

Thank you for your interest.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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