Fiesta de Los Guájares

Light installations by Wes Somerville
A film of ANA artists work by Emma Plunkett
Film by James Fox
21.30h. Live music with the group “Level Eye”

The Event

James Fox made a film of the evening, so you can get a sense of what it was like:

The Setting up

Los Guájares

Last Friday evening, Emma, Wes, John and I went up to Guájar-Alto to conduct a recce, prior to the light installation and projection at the feria on next Saturday 12th.
We climbed to the first floor of a disused building, currently only occupied by birds (as evidenced by the large piles of mierda inside).
The film will be projected from the balcony there to the wall of the church on the opposite side of the square.
Wes will also install some of his light pieces inside the room, so that the room is lit with colours and can be seen from the square, together with installing some other pieces in the near vicinity.
Wes and I will be there on Saturday and will report back later.

Written by James Fox

Fiesta Las Guajares


For more information about the event:

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