Intimate Freedom

From Nikki Bee about her exhibition

Inauguration and beyond live singing and guitar .”Eatprunes Raw’ beautiful spontaneous songs with harmonies and costume… Written by the artist with a little Poetry to. Paintings….Art sculpture/ collage / golden scenarios/ photography/ found things/ nature. Celebrating the joy of woman and the art of man. placing them in balance with found things full of their own his and her stories

With thanks to Andy Moore for donating his art works, oil paintings of pylons and nuclear power stations to my project..such an intrinsic part of the inspiration to begin this collection.

The most amazing thing about this theme of my nature art is how much joy I got from the whole process. The displaying of Andy’s backdrops on stage with gold. The playing we all did with the organza In front of it, such fun!! Going through the photos.. awesome! And the intense pleasure I got when I walked into my kitchen and had all these different Compositions.on the go,. I would move some small thing and sigh at the feeling of satisfaction that it had found its place. I would return from the garden with some rusty little bit of metal with a hole in that was perfect for something I would find some old tools and nails and wonder at there stories and feel happy to present them as a thing of beauty, no longer forgotten I look at the finished ones lining my walls and I don’t get bored of them, I am continuing to make lovely things weekly and it gives me great satisfaction and even more joy What a precious thing/ time to find I love creativity it is so healing.

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