Jane Kleinschmit, Paradise Lost?

Painting in times of covid

Opening view this Friday 30th 12-6pm, sat, Sun 12-4, La Fabrica Lanjaron, one month only!

This exhibition which the artist Jane Kleinschmit shows here represents a body of work that was for the most part made during the ongoing covid pandemic.  Grouped here for the first time, this exhibition was intended for an exhibition in Hanau, Germany.  Having been delayed, we now have the opportunity to have these works here at La Fabrica in Lanjaron.

The work on display here can be split broadly into three groups. The first is abstraction, secondly a return to nature and lastly a return to the sea.


The paintings that characterise the first group were begun in the claustrophobia and anxiety that were the prevalent feelings of the first lockdown. Jane describes needing to make these paintings because they were “quicker and direct” and “fighting fears”. These paintings possess an oppressive tension and nervous energy.  They convey a feeling of captivity, and a sense of rage at the life we had all lost during the lockdown that seemed to go on forever, although in reality the work was produced in just two and a half months.

As time passed, the  paintings grew more and more independent from that primary notion; one painting inspired the next, the colours and forms seemed to fight their own individual battle for evolution. Painting actually became a way of escape from Covid.

One might experience them as energetic and powerful.

Return to nature 

When the first lockdown came to an end the release, though still limited was immediate to us all. In Jane’s work her feeling was:

“Relating more to nature, than to the restrictions of interior confinement. Covid had receded and I thought more about the beauty of nature,”

Much of this work was completed between August and December 2020, with a break away in the winter. The work that Jane made in this period, she says that:

“Covid helped me to communicate the local landscape”

Based in Granada with another lockdown, but much less restrictive than the first, Jane could walk in the mountains close to Granada, these became her subject, as she says:

“I couldn’t paint the sea, but painted the Sierra Nevada in different moods and weather”.

The sea

At the beginning of  this year a theme that Jane is well known for returned to her work; the sea.  Taking walks along the beach at Playa Granada, Salobrena and others brought fresh inspiration.  The work that followed, in Janes words:

“I am convinced of these paintings I have done now, vibrant and vivid.

I felt like giving the sea a different tone. My motivation was to paint the sea with the whole colour range, heavier and stronger,  an explosion!”

Jane was born in Hanover Germany and educated in Hanau, near Frankfurt.  She took part in a one year residency in the U.S.A.  She later studied at the university of Kassel with scholarships in the U.K. and Spain. She has been exhibiting in Germany and Spain for the past 25 years.

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