Jane Skellett – Feedback on ANA Exhibition


A new space of possibilities – its giant glass and concrete structure poised on its landing pad above the little sister town of Tablones.

The neon lights beam “Las Torcas”, and beckon us up – to step in through the giant doors, where the “Artists’ Network Alpujarra” takes us into their space – adorned with the jewels – both brazen and hidden – of many hours and years of work in the creation.
It is at once both ancient and futuristic – a place where anything feels possible – and the artists do not disappoint –
from the giant azure buddha sitting at the entrance, to the hidden dark room of contemplative light-play – there are characterful portraits and bold sculptures, wild abstracts and finely pencilled sketches, dazzling mosaics and startling acrylics of geometrics and landscapes – all boldly curated and juxtaposed to hold us in its spell – in this space – our head-space – where we measure the impossible dimensions within vision – and we cannot hold its scope; it is haunting and otherworldly – We hold this space.

1 thought on “Jane Skellett – Feedback on ANA Exhibition”

  1. Hi folks – Hola amig@s – I’d just like to point out that this piece of writing has been edited as it appears here. (Este texto arriba esta hecho cortado – un extracto de mi obra original)
    It has in fact been extracted from the fuller piece that I wrote, expressing my response to the exhibition.
    If you’d like to see the full original (si tu quieres ver lo completo) –
    you can find it here (puedes buscarlo aqui) – pagina Facebook
    Thank you – Gracias 🙂


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