John Wragg – Neo Chocolate Hypergrinder

Especially The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Batchelors, Even, often referred to as The Large Glass. Copious notes were written by Duchamp about this work, contained in The Green Box. These notes reveal Duchamps’ fascination & interest in the fourth dimension, along with numerous other artists at the time. However, as the notes reveal, Duchamps understanding & knowledge far exceed that of his contemporaries.

Describing – The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Batchelors, Even – by Marcel Duchamp

The Large Glass comprises of an upper section, containing the Bride & a lower section which is the domain of the Batchelors. In simple terms the Bride is conceived as a four-dimensional entity, while the Batchelors and their attendants are portrayed in Renaissance perspective. The whole piece is basically a sex machine (originally intended to be a functioning mechanism), expressing a constant cycle of frustration.

The Chocolate Grinder

Part of lower section is The Chocolate Grinder, where the grinding of the chocolate is a euphemism for the production of sperm.
I have taken this motif from the work and attempted to make a new (neo) four-dimensional version of it, executed in a similar way to Duchamps methods in the original Glass using wire and paint.

John Wragg – Neo Chocolate Hypergrinder art
Neo Chocolate Hypergrinder

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