La Alpujarra – A journey

Artists network alpujarra presents a new exhibition

Let the artists of the Artists’ Network Alpujarras (ANA) take you on a voyage of discovery through one of the most intriguing areas of the Iberian peninsula: the Alpujarras. 

At the end of the 18th century, there emerged a fashion in Europe for travelling to exotic and remote places. Countries where remnants of the past could still be viewed. These journeys provided a romantic vision.

One of the most popular places for travellers was Spain.  “Tourist” activity had started earlier, but it was not until after the War of Independence (1814) that travel around the Iberian Peninsula became one of the established destinations. One such place was La Alpujarra.

Many of these travellers were writers and artists, many of them illustrators, who were collecting notes and sketches of everything they found in their path. This exhibition tries to refresh our memory of these early travellers. They started collecting and recording the past. A heritage that filters trough to the present to influence  our latest literary and artistic contributions.

This exhibition is a broad chronological line that helps to contextualize a moment. Elaborated by works of art from the artists of ANA (Artist Network Alpujarra).

We do not include all the references that we would have liked to, but the idea that we want to convey still persists and hope that you will enjoy and be interested in the artistic history of this place in which we now live.

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