La Alpujarra a voyage of discovery moves to the province of Almeria

Let the artists of the Artists Network Alpujarra (ANA) take you on a voyage of discovery through one of the most intriguing areas of the Iberian peninsula: the Alpujarras.

This touring exhibition will now travel to Palacio de Los Moya in Laujar de Andarax – 30th October-19th December 2021.

At the end of the 18th century there was a fashion in Europe to travel  to remote places where remnants of the past could still be seen. A favourite destination for travellers was Spain.  One of the chosen remote places was La Alpujarra.

Writers and artists made this journey. They collected notes and sketches and made paintings. This exhibition introduces these early tourists that brought this area to a wider audience.  The exhibition is a broad chronological line added to with new works of art from the artists of ANA (Artists Network Alpujarra), both foreign and local that live in this area today and continue to record its rich and diverse character.

Below are photos of the artwork and crafts in the Upper Factory Space at La Fabrica, Lanjaron.


One of the highlights from the opening night at La Fabrica, Lanjaron was the artisan, José Antonio Gómez Cortés, who demonstrated weaving a willow basket,  whilst providing a history lesson about the growing of willow, its preparation and the history of basket weaving in the area. As with so many things, the hand-weavers are getting pushed out by cheaper products from abroad. It was mesmerising to watch him and listen to him talking about the ‘properties and usefulness of wicker crafts’. He is aiming to offer classes very soon in Lánjaron?

The night also took off when the basketry production exhibition was combined with a flamenco show with a local singer Americo ‘El Grito’ accompanied by a young guitarist, Cecelio.

The amazing space upstairs was complemented by the arrangement of the art by Fernando Poyatos.

Palacio de la Moya, Laugar de Andarax. The exhibition will open on October 30 and will run until December 19.


Fernando Poyatos and Gareth Lister curators

Thank you Myriam Vela Blanca Jimenez for organising the journey to Laujar de Andarax.


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