Las Torcas Art Exhibition – Opening Night – Photos

Words and images by Emma Plunkett

The building housed an incredible amount of diverse artwork from the 17 participating artists. There was ample space for each artist to show what they wanted. We are having a closing night on the 22nd of October, so put that in your diaries now!

2 thoughts on “Las Torcas Art Exhibition – Opening Night – Photos”

  1. I thought the art work was great and the space interesting. Having photos/artwork on the stairs is not such a great idea imo as it was impossible to appreciate them due to the constant flow of people using the stairs. This meant that on the whole they were missed. Many people I’ve asked were unaware that there was any artwork on the stairs which seems unfortunate for the artist. Other than that it was very interesting, inspiring and delightful. Great night. Thank you all.

    • Hi Marilyn, good point about placing artwork on the stairs, I will mention it to the artist. Thankfully the opening night was seriously busy, though hopefully people will return to see the art works again in less crowded conditions. Kind regards Emma.


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