Live concerts at La Fabrica

Fernando Gallegos and Lindsay Ostervig planning music for the year ahead.

April brings the start of our live concerts at La Fábrica and we are very excited to be heading up this program. We are planning something for all tastes and hope that as the weeks go on you will enjoy a variety of original, quality music in your meeting place in the Barrio Hondillo in Lanjarón.  

Clearly with Covid we are having to restrict numbers so we are sending the promotions to members first and asking you to reserve places as soon as possible. Entrance is free to members until we can mount larger events and there will be a chance for you to donate in `el sombrero´ to the musicians who are generously supporting our project and giving their talent free for a short while.

Members reserve your places here. Please add your names for the number of places, tables will be reserved from 4.30.

In a few days, if there is still space,  new visitors may be able come along and pay a 2.50€ day membership to attend. This will give the public the chance to see the exhibitions and hopefully they will want to become members and support the great project we have at La Fábrica. 

We are looking forward to seeing you at these weekly concerts, be sure to book up quickly to avoid disappointment!

Lindsay and Fernando.

The First Performance is the Fernando Gallegos Trio  

Fernando Gallegos,  voice and guitar, José Ignacio Hernández, keyboard,  Amalia Chueca, Cello.

Fernando Gallegos is a singer/songwriter encompassing diverse musical styles such as rock, pop, ballads, country etc.; his music is fresh and personal.  The compositions are simple but full of suspense and adventure and their rhythms are upbeat and contagious.



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