How to make a Good Impression!

Some say that “Variety is the spice of life” – and there is no doubting that ANA’s fast growing reputation as a hybrid collection of international artists, is now taking hold in the local area and beyond.

A Diverse Print Show

Following the enormous success of their inaugural exhibition at Las Torcas last autumn, the ANA team’s follow-up exhibition, entitled “Impresiónes” has certainly made yet another significant impression, with its wide variety of printing styles and techniques on show.
Indeed, a group of artists from ‘Casa Amarilla’ – a similar artists’ network from Malaga – declared that they were surprised and delighted by the diversity of the exhibits.

ANA Print Exhibition – event

Intercultural Activities

The Ayuntamiento of Órgiva has started to raise the level of its support and promotion for the intercultural activities and events featuring the diversity of nationalities living and working together in the town; and this exhibition, held in one of their key new centres for cultural activity, has certainly provided a show case for these heartening aims.

Eda & Bergonia

Printmaking Techniques

If you were ever wondering what artistic ‘printing’ is all about, you could find out a great deal about it by coming along here… from woodcuts to lino prints, photography to mono-prints, cyanotypes to collographs, and more. Several of the artists have also been experimenting with new techniques, such as laser cutting.

Emma Plunkett Cyanotypes


Curating and designing the exhibition has been a huge task, ably undertaken by ANA members, Guy Harris and Charley Werff; both experienced in this area, and working together to make a representative selection of work offered by ANA members, which then required the design and layout; deciding how best to group the items for themes, contrasts, size, etc.. , followed by the practicalities of hanging and supporting everything on the wall spaces.

ANA Print Exhibition – event

Connecting with Visitors

Between two-hundred and two-hundred-and-fifty visitors have enjoyed their experience of this ANA event; some for their first ever experience of an art exhibition.

Manning the exhibition during its opening hours has also been a very important part of this event, in terms of creating a welcome and friendly atmosphere for visitors; encouraging their interest, and answering their questions; but also in terms of creating further bonds amongst the group, and between ANA and the public, and the Ayuntamiento.

ANA Print Exhibition

Photos from the Opening Night

In these photos you can see what a lively event it was. The art lovers came from far and wide to share their thoughts about the art on show. Below are a few photographs of the visitors enjoying some of the work. But there is really no alternative to actually being there at the exhibition, and sensing the art for yourself. After all, it is about the art creating ‘impressions’ for you; and how you feel your response to it.

Thank goodness ANA offers you variety and diversity; so that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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