Mandala Paintings by Azzi

Andrew Shanahan AKA Azzi is a painter whose mandala artworks have a more than magical appeal, in their highly modern style, though no computers ever feature in Azzi’s life.

Insight and Inspiration

Azzi has been inspired by his frequent travels to India, his mandala phase started 30 years ago when he first came across these circular patterns. He makes his mandalas purely by hand, plotting out circles with small dot work to begin with and then gradually filling them in. He says they come out different every time and though he has had one break from making them, he enjoys it so much that he can’t stop making them again now. Azzi’s artwork takes on a 3D feel and transports viewer.

Azzi Mandala Exhibition Invite

His work is on display at las Torcas until the 18th March, come along and see something to blow your mind. He paints with acrylic on canvas and his sizes are mostly square, varying from the smallest at 60cm to the largest at 80cm.

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