Marilyn Fox – Let the Colour In

The exhibition is at the Magic Cafe, which is a lively venue situated in Capileira. The opening night is 7pm 11th March.

Opening Times

11th March till the 11th April
Abierto de 13:00h a 22:00h viernes sábado y domingo
Lunes y martes de 15:00 a 20:00h
Miércoles y jueves cerrado.

Marilyn Fox Expo Capileira

About The Art

Let the colour in is an early stage exploration of colour by the artist Marilyn Fox. The works are largely innocent, uncomplicated and inspired by the sudden acceptance of colour, as experienced in her personal life, relatively recently. This exhibition is solely acrylics on small to medium sized canvas, featuring flowers, 2D surrealist imagery and simple impressionist colour play. The flower pieces hint at Marilyn’s abilities in form but here we also see her interest in capturing sunlight and expressing sensuality.

This piece is called Reflections

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