Mix, Clara, Emma & Bea

Surround yourself with original art and allow yourself to be inspired!

See the photos from the opening night: Saturday 12th August 2017

Where: Jardin Nazari, C/ Blas Infante, Vélez de Benaudalla, Granada, Spain
Opening times: 13th August – Sept 10, Wednesdays-Saturdays 10.30-13.30h and 18.00-21.00h, Sundays 10.30-13.30h

4 Artists

Mix Amylo expresses her sensitivity and depth in her intricate black and white drawings.
ClaraBaza‘s paintings are vivid and bold reflections of her life here in Spain.
Emma Plunkett is painting like she should have been doing when at art college years ago but she was too young and fearful of the critiques. Come and see her new paintings!
Beatriz Constán‘s art takes the form of large swirling woven textiles pieces, made with fabric she finds and dyes herself.

4 artists event info

Opening night photos


Please refer to the official website for the correct opening times: http://www.velezdebenaudalla.es/

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