New Album by Mix Amylo

Mix-Amylo musician artistANA member Mix Amylo, a musician and composer as well as a visual artist, has just released a new album, ‘The Hunter of Small Happinesses’. An emotional album featuring piano and a string quartet, this was written in memory of a lost love, her partner who died tragically one year ago. This beautiful music takes us through a moving journey of loss, grief, memories, sadness, and the rediscovery of life, possibility and small happinesses.
It was written over the winter, and recorded in Manchester in her brother’s studio, and features Mix on piano, her multi-talented brother on double bass, and two other fantastic string players on cello and violin/viola.
‘The Hunter of Small Happinesses’ is available to buy from Libreria Atlantida, Órgiva, and from Mix herself. If you prefer a download, and would like to listen to some excerpts, click here:

Mix Amylo album back cover

1 thought on “New Album by Mix Amylo”

  1. I Can feel your tears
    on each note you play
    And all your fears
    You play them away
    Your love one for years
    Is here to stay
    In your fingers of pain
    Your heart Will regain
    The Melody of life’s refrain


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