Open exhibition, Winter 2021/2022

Our next exhibition is a group exhibition throughout the entire space. We invite all members who wish to exhibit to submit work. The exhibition will open on the 26th of November. 
There is no theme, so any work you would like to exhibit will be accepted.  It is an opportunity to showcase the talent that the members of artists network Alpujarra and La Fabrica possess, a large and diverse community of creative people.
This is a great opportunity to sell work and as such the exhibition will be flexible.  If any of our exhibitors sell work, they can swap them for other works.
Creative practice works in so many different ways. Please do not feel excluded.  All ideas are welcome and if you are unsure please just ask.
La Fabrica can only continue to work with your involvement.  We need help to make this project sustainable.  Therefore we would like exhibitors to help host the exhibition for at least one day during the exhibition dates.
I will be curating this exhibition.  So please send images of your work and the details to this email.  All I ask for is an image of each piece, it’s title and intended sale price.  We will not display prices but we will make it clear that works are for sale and we will put together a price list for any inquiries.
Please make your submissions before the 21st November.  All works must be delivered to the venue on either Monday 22nd or Tuesday 23rd November to allow us enough time to mount the work before the opening.
I look forward to receiving your submissions.
La Fabrica Christmas tree
In addition to the exhibition. I would like to install a Christmas ‘tree’ decorated with original artworks.  As such they will need to be small and will be for sale.  The price should be no more than 10€.  Examples could be small paintings or drawings, print, small ceramic pieces, hand painted baubles, photos etc.  I hope this will be a fun way for many people to buy some original art pieces at a very affordable price.  If you would like to take part, please let me know in the same way, by replying to this email.
Any sales will need to be handled privately.  We can put you in contact with the buyer, but you must arrange the sale yourself.  All we ask is a 10% donation of the sale price to the association to help fund the project.
kind regards,
Gareth Lister.

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